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Hanumangarh Jn., Rajasthan

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Little Flower Convent School bases its education on the conviction that every child, the crowning glory of creation, can be guided to perfection, to the experience of God within him and in every element of creation, the expression of which is love and service to the humanity. To attain this sublime objective and purpose of life every child has to be provided with the physically beautiful, emotionally supportive and carefully structured home like environment to know and feel the immense and innate talents, creative thoughts and vision.Education is vital for establishing a strong foundation on which understanding is based on. The absence of education allows opportunities for ignorance to take form and grow, resulting in negative repercussions of society. Therefore students are trained in developing the skills and knowledge necessary in becoming mature contributing members of our community.
Students are motivated to do the best and extend their personal limits. By expanding upon previous knowledge and exploring new, students increase their career opportunities and future personal success greatly. In this institution students may commit to a level of performance that challenges them to reach their full potential. This institution has got a big expectation about our students, and they realize that they can achieve the goal.
Yes, we create future, knowing well that every child is an achiever and a messenger of bright hope for a better tomorrow. At Little Flower every student learns to face the challenges with indomitable spirit of determination, perseverance and tireless striving. May God bless and give success to all the students.
Fr. Shan Joseph


Christmas Day Celebration

Christmas Day Celebration 2022

Sports Day Celebration

Sports Day Celebration 2022

Sports Day Celebration

Sports Day Celebration 2022

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