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Mon to Sat-7:30 AM to1:30PM

Rules of conduct

The Principal/management has the right to introduce new rules, amend or change these rules and regulations in case of exigencies and in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Managing Society and the school as and when necessity arises.


Students are advised to give serious attention to the following notes On punctuality, manners, behaviour, dress code, discipline and Attendance.


Come to school in time and attend the assembly and classes punctually and regularly. You should reach the school a few minutes before the first bell. This gives you plenty of time to unpack your bags and sort out to other materials, chat to your friends and get in to a clam. Organized frame of mind to start your school day.
Home work is set regularly in accordance with the time table.Establish a regular routine and punctuality to do the home work to the full satisfaction of the class teachers.


Students should be well behaved, polite and respectful to all the teachers and the members of the staff in the school.
You should use the 4 magic words ‘Wishing’,’Please’,Thank you,and Sorry whenever necessary.
Welcome your teachers, elders and friends with pleasant words of greetings when you see them for the first time in the school or outside in the community.
Whenever a student wants short leave during the school time,he/she should get it written by his/her parent or guardian on the page allotted for this purpose in the school diary.
All students should bring with them only the books, exercise books etc.required for the day and should do their work honestly and sincerely.
You Should take care of your belonging yourself.Don’t bring any valuable article or money to the school takes no responsibility in case of loss or theft of such things.
Students you should not exchange Magazine,cards,CD’s,brochures,Cell Phones,coupons,Money,Pen drive,etc in the school Campus.
Don’t tear pages from your note books.
Don’t litter the school campus. Use waste bins.
Do not encourage relative and friends to visit you during school hours.
The use of chewing-gum,tobaccos,etc in any form is for bidden within the school premises.
Running,playing,howling or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.
students are not permitted to enter any class room other than His/her own, without permission.
Playing with sticks,stones,bottles,balls,bats and Rackets,etc are not allowed either in the classroom or in the play area if it is not supervised by the Physical Education teacher.
Pupils are expected to talk English in the class room and in the school campus.
If no Teacher comes to the class three minutes after the bell for that period, the class-leader should send his assistant for reporting the matter to the Principal.
When the teacher enters or leaves the Class, all pupils must stand up and greet him/her.


Students who reach school early should remain in their class without roaming around. Wandering aimlessly, making noise,quarreling and damaging the school property are acts of indiscipline and are punishable. Students should discipline themselves by keeping line and without making noise for the morning assembly and all functions held at school.


Don’t remain absent from school without prior permission.
To be eligible to appear in the annual examination,75% attendance is compulsory.A Student failing twice in the same class shall be issued Transfer Certificate.
Unauthorized absence from Examination is punishable with a fine of Rs.10/-per subject up to the maximum of Rs.50/- for the entire examination.


It is obligatory for all Students and staff of the school to be members of the Library.
The Library will be opened during school hours.
The borrower’s tickets are not transferable.
A students cannot keep a book for more than 2 weeks.
A student failing to return a book within the prescribed time shall pay an overdue charge of Rs.1/-per book on per day.


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